My Report for term 3

I did well in most subjects and everything I got was either medium or high.  I got all highs in 6 subjects.  I didn’t get 1 low in the whole report.

I can to improve in food technology and try to get more highs in it then mediums. I could improve my behaviour in a couple of subjects. I could also improve on my personal organisation.

Bullying Movie iLearn

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Reliable Websites

On the Warrnambool College wikipedia these were some issues.

Says it was 1795 when became Warrnambool college when it was 1995

Says Telfast

Says south-west NSW

Says principal is Mary Fitzgerald

Says colours are green and orange

Says Flagstaff is blue

Says Hopkins is Red

Says Tony Abbott Came here.

Jonathan Brown went to Emmanuel

605 teachers is wrong

Says enrolment for this year Is only 101


The Gedago lives on the planet ZorK which has a moderate climate and rains for part of the year which makes a lake that dries up at the end of the year. The vegetation includes tall trees which the Gedago climbs up with his strong legs to hunt his prey the sloth in the trees. There are nocturnal predators of nearly every animal called wolves which the gedago can ram with his horns and if needed climb away from it. The nuts on the island need to be cracked open which he uses his horns for. He can go without water for 3 months at a time because that is how long it takes for the lake to refill with water and this is the only water source. It shelters and homesa in tree forts that they make out of sticks and leaves they ind lying around. They mark their territory by peeing on the surroundings like a dog. If it senses an animal it will get out of its fort and ram it out of the tree. It keeps warm while it’s raining by the thick coat of hair it has. He generally moves on 4 feet but rarely if a young is getting chased by a wolf the mother will stand on its hind legs and bolt at the wolf. They are mammals so they do not lay eggs and generally give birth when the lake gets filled back up.  If the Gedago cannot find any sloths it may have to resort to eating birds that live in trees nearby but they will not fill the Gedago up so the male might have to kill one of the dangerous wolves.

Blog Reviews

I looked at which is a blog about AFL. I liked some of the facts but it hasn’t been updated since 2011. If I was to give advice I would say update it.

I also looked at and I enjoyed it because itis all about sports. It had all news from all the sports I like. It was updated about a week ago . It had all AFL scores and NBA news. My advice would be keep updating the website because it is cool as.

The last one i looked at was and it was boring there was no pictures or videos just massive slabs of text on a backround.